our projects

Bushehr Petrochemical Project

Machine Foulad Jonoub Company has designed and manufactured four full flare packages for Methanol, Acid and Gas Sweetening Plants of Bushehr Petrochemical project during 2016 and 2017.

South Azadegan

Machine Foulad Jonoub Company was the principal vendor of supplying static equipment for manifolds 2 ,6, 7 & 10 of South Azadegan Oil Field.

Azar Oil Field

Due to very long pipeline of Azar Oil Field, the necessity of a mobile flare package for maintenance operations was recognized. Machine Foulad Jonoub Company was selected for designing and manufacturing a high-tech mobile flare package to shoulder the flaring of the pipeline with 140 bar pressure.

North Yaran Oil Field

A 34 meters high guy-wire supported flare stack was designed and manufactured for North Yaran cluster. This package was of air-assisted smokeless type and hence, a blower and air riser were added to this package in order to improve the quality of flare gases combustion.

Abteymoor Desating Plant

Two hot and cold flares were designed and manufactured for Abteymoor Desalting Plant. Hot flare was designed as a self-supported stack while the cold flare, due to its height, was of guy-wire supported type. Mechanical and functional tests have been performed and they are in the erection process right