Machine Foulad Jonoub Company is started its activity in design, fabrication and installation of 19 sets flare systems and control ignition panels for NISOC from early 2002.

MFJ Company is honor that our engineering department is the most executive experienced engineers in oil, gas, chemical and petrochemical fields. Our company guarantees consistent high quality and absolute reliability in each and every one of its

products. We supply up-to-date specific standards, such as API, ASME, ASTM and IPS. All produced equipment by MFJ Company is designed in keeping with HSE standards ISO 14001.

Improving in quality, safety, customer orientation, training and supporting services of our projects is the most significant aim of MFJ Company.

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MFJ is a professional company in design and fabricate of High-Tech equipment for Oil, Gas & Petrochemical field.

Now a days, MFJ has below ability based on his five teams:

-Be Consultant in New/Existed Projects

-Solve the existing problem in projects

-Cover Pipe line with life time Guarantee

-Design & Fabricate of Fixed Equipment

-Flare Gas Recovery

MFJ’s Engineering team customized equipment based on client requirements.

MFJ’s R&D team optimized equipment.

MFJ’s Manufacturing team produce in high quality.

MFJ’s QC team increase the quality of production.

MFJ’s Project Control team manage to finish project in right time.